Project management is one of the most important areas for reducing teacher stress and work overload

What teachers need to know is the scope of work that they are being required to perform, and how unreasonable the expectations are

The recent push for teachers to individualize instruction based upon high-stakes test objectives creates a "Labors of Hercules" level of difficulty

In addition, the focusing on individual test objectives is contrary to learning theory, contrary to how children learn, and contrary to common sense

The use of thematic units, student-based projects, higher-order questioning, and the stimulation of multiple intelligences that are recommended on this CD represent a sane and workable strategy for teachers

This CD contains many project management tools and resources

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Project Charter Presentation (PPT)

Project Charter Presentation (PDF)

Keeping Projects on Track (DOC)

Keeping Projects on Track (PDF)

Project Mini-Charter (DOC)

Project Mini-Charter (PDF)

Successfully Presenting Projects (PDF)

Project Evaluation Rubric (DOC)

Project Evaluation Rubric (PDF)